Project Management

The following content covers IBE project management procedure which already has been used in every project conducted in IBE.
1 Project Kick-off Meeting
• Purchase Specification
• Cost Targets
• Sales Forecast
• Goal Timetable
• Pre-existing design ideas and requirements
2 Concept Design Review
• Product specification detailing Design and Manufacturing specifications for all critical dimensions and specifications for the product
• Presentation of Design Concepts for Product
• Project Plan with 90% confidence schedule and budget
• Regulatory Compliance Plan detailing what certifications are required and what design considerations are implied
• Technical Risk Assessment with action plan
• Critical Components and Materials Identified
• Characterization Test Plan
3 Prototype Design Review
• Characterization Report with design margin for performance parameters
• Reliability Test Plan
• Preliminary Manufacturing Documentation
• Preliminary Cost Report
• Complete design drawing package for top assembly and all subassemblies associated with the design
• 100% accurate BOM
• Complete Prototype
• Service Plan- Needs to include warranty repair plan
• Purchase Part detail- All single- and sole-source suppliers to be detailed
4 Final Design Review / Product Readiness Review
• Reliability Report
• Complete Manufacturing documentation
• Manufacturing Process Review
• Regulatory Certifications.
• Updated product costing
• Final Product Specification
• Pilot run evaluation and report
• Production Forecast
• Packaging and Shipping Review