Technical Capabilities

Item Mass production Small batch production
Number of layers UP to16L UP to 30L
Laminate FR-4, Halogen free, High TG, Cem-3, PTFE, Aluminum  BT, Rogers
Maximum board size 610*460mm 762*508mm
Board thickness 0.3-3.5mm 0.21-6.0mm
Minimum line width/space 0.1/0.1mm 0.076/0.076mm
Minimum line gap +/-15% +/-10%
Outer layer copper thickness 140um 245um
Inner layer copper thickness 70um 245um
Min.finished hole size(mechanical) 0.2mm 0.15mm
Min.finished hole size (laser hole) 0.1mm 0.1mm
Aspect ratio 10:01 20:1
Solder mask color Green、Blue、Black、White、Yellow、Red、Grey
Impedance control tolerance <=+/-10%
Surface Treatment Flash gold 0.025-0.075um 0.025-0.5um
Immersion gold 0.05-0.1um 0.1-0.2um
Sn/Pb HASL 1-70um
Leadfree HASL 1-70um
Immersion silver 0.08-0.3um
OSP(Entek) 0.2-0.4um
Gold finger 0.375um >=1.75um
Hard gold plating 0.375um >=1.75um
Immsion Sn 0.8um
V-Cut V-Cut degree 20,30,45,60
Outline Profile Chamfer The angle type of the chamfer 30,45,60
Plug via hole Max.size can be plugged 0.6mm 0.7mm
Largest NPTH hole size 6.5mm >6.5mm
Largest PTH hole size 6.5mm >6.5mm
Min.annular ring can be kept 0.15mm 0.1mm
Min.distance between the IC
pads can keep Sm bridge
0.25mm 0.18mm
Min.SM bridge for green soldermask 0.1mm 0.076mm
Min.SM bridge for black soldermask 0.125mm 0.1mm
Tolerance of dimension size <=+/-0.13mm +/-0.1mm
Tolerance of board thickness >=1.0mm   +/-10% +/-8%
<1.0mm     +/-0.1mm
Tolerance of finished NPTH hole size +/-0.05mm +/-0.05mm
Tolerance of finished PTH hole size +/-0.076mm +/-0.05mm
Delivery time Mass:10~12D Sample:5~7D
Capacity 60000sq/m
CAM capability 20 Items 100-180 Items